Newsletter May 16th-20th



May 16, 2015


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,



State in the Box: The kids did an AMAZING job on the State in the box project today! I am so proud of their hard work and creativity. Projects and a graded rubric will be coming home later this week.

Library books: Please make sure your child returns all books to the Holy Rosary library this week. Report cards cannot be released until these are returned or replaced.

Special Summer Writing Fun: I would like to invite all third graders to participate in our Summer Fun Pen-Pal Program. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends from 3rd grade and practice writing skills. It’s always a big hit! I will send forms home next Monday. If your child wants to participate the form needs to be turned in by Thursday June 2nd.

50 States Test: Students will have their final state test Tuesday, May 31st. The test will cover all 50 states and the abbreviations. The study guide will be completed and sent home on Friday. Students will be given the names of the states and will have to label them on a map and write the abbreviation as well. Please start studying this week, so all students are comfortable and confident with their states.


This week, we will be learning:

Math: Students take the assessment on area and perimeter next week. We will be finishing our chapter on perimeter and area this week and next week will be full of review and their assessment.

Reading: Students will read chapter 6 and 7 of Ramona Quimby, focusing on character traits.

Language Arts: Students will begin their iMovie Book Report trailers this week.

Religion: This week, we will discuss about Pentecost: The Coming of the Holy Spirit.

Science:  We get hermit crabs last week!  Students learned about characteristics and needs of hermit crabs and will continue their engineering design challenge:  Designing, building and testing a hermit crab habitat aka “CRABITAT”!  An additional aspect to this challenge is that students will have a budget and have a limited amount of fake money to “purchase” items to include in their crabitat from our class supply.

Social Studies: This week the students will continue to learn about supply and demand. Also, students will receive their state study guide and will start learning about the history of the Space Needle. By the end of the week the students will share their state-in-a-box with their classmates.

Spelling: The spelling test will be on Thursday and the test will be on Friday.


Taught          thought        rough                        laugh             bought          cough            fought                      daughter      tough             through        enough          brought

ought                         caught


Challenge word: sought


Star of the week: Ryan


Have a great week!



Anna Quinn-Shea


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