Newsletter for the week of November 17-21


November 17, 2014

Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,



Thanksgiving Mass:

The 3rd grade is leading the Thanksgiving Mass this Friday, November 21st at 8:45 am. It will be a perfect uniform day. Please join us if you are able to.


Field Trip: Tomorrow we go on our field trip to Safeway. We will leave at 9:30 and return around 10:40. Please make sure that your child wears good walking shoes and has a warm jacket. We will be walking rain or shine.


During this field trip, students will price items that a family might need to purchase for a Thanksgiving meal. As a class, we are sponsoring two families in need this year and providing a Thanksgiving meal for them.


Conferences: Conference time is an opportunity where the student, parents and I can discuss their child’s progress, and how we all can work together to help him or her be successful in third grade. I look forward to seeing you at your scheduled conference next week.


Thank you to all of those who have signed up. The conference sign-up will be closed on Wednesday at 3:00. If something comes up and you need to make a change to your conference time, please contact me via email.


Christmas Poems: Students will have a choice of Christmas poems to memorize. Students will be bringing home a list of several Christmas poems tonight, please review these with your child. Wednesday, I will ask students to select one of these poems to begin to memorize. I will also send a rubric home for them to follow. Students will work to memorize the poems they choose and be prepared to share them with the class by Monday, December 8th. Students may choose a long or a short poem. If they choose a long (16 lines or more) poem, they may work with a partner to present it (each child memorizes and recites half). We are going to emphasize expression through voice, body language, and hand motions.


Music lyrics: Christmas Program Lyrics were sent last week with your child. These need to be memorized for the Christmas program on December 11th.


Book Fair: The book fair begins this Thursday and runs through conference week.


Parts of Speech Assessment: This assessment will be coming home with your child today.


Reading Log: The November reading log will be due on Monday, December 1st.


Here’s what’s happening this week:


Math: We work on problem solving this week. Students work through different strategies to help them solve multi-step word problems.

Language Arts: Students finish writing their final draft of their personal narrative. They are excited to share these with you at conferences.

Social Studies: Students finish researching the physical geography and climate of a state. They also take a quiz on the Mountain states and Southwest states on Thursday. A study guide was sent home last week.

Science: We finish our unit on rocks and minerals this week.

Religion: 3rd Graders will talk about the Holy Trinity, which is the highlight in chapter 4. We will use St. Patrick’s idea of the Trinity and the Apostles’ Creed prayer to help us understand this concept.

Reading: We read chapter 4 and 5 in the Boxcar children book. We focus on character traits and text evidence.

Spelling: The assignment is due Thursday, and the test is on Friday.

talk                  cross                awful               law                  cloth                cost                 crawl              chalk                also                  raw                  salt                        wall          lawn                      always

Challenge word: strawberry

Star of the Week: Sara

Next week: No Star


Have a peaceful week!




Erin Meland