Newsletter for the week of November 10-14

November 10, 2014


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Veteran’s Day: There will be no school tomorrow (Tuesday), in order to honor Veteran’s Day.

Thanksgiving Mass:

The 3rd grade is leading the Thanksgiving Mass on Friday, November 21st at 8:45 AM. The third graders will be working hard this week and next week to prepare for the Mass. We hope to see you on Friday, November 21st.

Homework for parents: Parents, please fill out the “Homework for Parents” pre-conference sheet that went home today. This will help me better prepare to address any concerns or questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to complete this and return it to school by Friday, November 14th. Thank you!

Conference Sign-up: If you have not signed up for conferences yet, please do so online. Students attend the conference with you. You can find the link to sign-up on the Holy Rosary Website. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Field Trip: On Tuesday, November 18th, from 9:39-10:40 students are going on the annual third grade field trip to the Jefferson Safeway.

During this field trip, students will price items that a family might need to purchase for a Thanksgiving meal. Students will estimate the cost of a meal in class before going to Safeway. Students are learning how much is costs to provide a special Thanksgiving meal. We will be focusing on the importance of giving to others who are less fortunate. While we are there we will be purchasing two Thanksgiving meals for families in needs.

Donations: We will be asking students to help donate to the meals (about $2-5). I am hoping to collect the money from each student by this Friday. This way I can plan ahead and know how much can be allocated to each family. Thank you for your support.

Parts of Speech Test: The test on nouns, adjectives and verbs is this Thursday, November 13th. A blue study guide went home last Wednesday.

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: We begin chapter 5-understanding division. This week we do hands-on division and focus on the concept of division as equal sharing. We also look at division as repeated subtraction.

Math assessment-the subtraction assessment will be coming home with your child today. Please review this with them. Thank you!

Language Arts: Students continue to work on writing a personal narrative. This week we write a draft and focus on revising and editing to make it even better.

Social Studies: Students are using their iPads to research the physical geography and climate of a state. There will be a test on the Southwest Region and Mountain Region states and their abbreviations next Thursday, November 20th.   A study guide will be sent home today.

Science: Students learn about various landforms and how they affect the different types of rocks.

Religion: We will wrap-up our discussion on chapter 3, which highlights our love and respect for God and for other people.

Reading: We continue reading The Boxcar Children.  This week we will be reading chapter 3 and 4. Our target skill is sequencing. We also will work on answering comprehension questions in complete sentences.

Spelling: The assignment is due Thursday, and the test is on Friday.


Spelling words:

clown                        round                       bow               cloud                        power                       crown thousand   crowd                       sound                       count                        powder        blouse          frown                      pound


Challenge word: mountain

Star of the Week: Will S.

Next week: Sara

Have a wonderful week!



Erin Meland