Newsletter for the week of Nov. 3-7

November 3, 2014


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Thank you to all of the parents that were able to come and volunteer at the Halloween party, it was a big hit! The Thriller dance was AMAZING! Both the kids and I really appreciated it!


Veterans’ Day: There will be no school Tuesday, Nov. 11th in observance of Veterans’ Day.


Thanksgiving Mass:

The 3rd grade is leading the Thanksgiving Mass on Friday, November 21 at 8:45 AM.



Homework Check-In: Math homework is a review of what we are learning in class. You and I learned math in a different way than students are learning today. At times the vocabulary and process/instructions can be confusing. Math homework should take 25 minutes max. If your child is reaching a frustration level, please send in a note attached to the homework and don’t feel that he or she needs to complete it. I am happy to review it in the morning with your child! Thanks for your supporting your child’s learning!


Reading Log: A new reading log was sent home with your child today it is due on December 1st.


Rock for Science: Students will need to bring in an unknown rock for science. The rock needs to be brought in by Friday.


Parts of Speech quiz: We continue to review nouns, adjectives and verbs this week. The students will have a short quiz on nouns, verbs, and adjectives next Thursday, November 13th. A study guide is coming home Wednesday.


Field Trip: On Tuesday, November 18, from 9:30-10:40 students are going on the annual third grade field trip to the Jefferson Safeway. The permission slip will be coming home with your child today and needs to be returned by Friday, November 7th. If you would like to walk with us to Safeway and chaperone a small group of students, please indicate so on the permission slip.


During this field trip, students will price items that a family might need to purchase for a Thanksgiving meal. While we are there we will be purchasing two Thanksgiving meals for families in needs. We will be asking students to help donate to the meals (about $2). More information will be coming home about this next week.


This week we learn:


Math: We finish up our chapter on subtraction and take a subtraction assessment this week. We work on problem solving multi-step word problems and practice going through the steps of understanding, planning, solving and checking.


Social Studies: We finish reading chapter 3, discussing the geography of different regions of the United States. We also begin a short unit on the importance of Veteran’s Day.


Science: Students perform our experiment that we designed last week to determine whether basalt, limestone, sandstone and marble contain calcite. Students examine the data and draw conclusions.


Language Arts: Students begin working on writing a personal narrative about something that has happened in their life. This week students will pick an event to write about, brainstorm ideas and begin writing a draft.



Reading: We begin reading our first novel as a class this week. We read The Boxcar Children #1. We will focus on the skills of sequencing, character analysis, and setting. Students will practice oral reading skills through echo reading, partner reading and a reader’s theater approach. This is a fun story and one of which I’m sure most students will enjoy!


Religion: We will discuss Chapter 3 – At Home with God.

Children will understand how Church help them grow in virtue and holiness. They will be able to share how a family is like a Church.


Spelling: The assignment is due Thursday and the test will be on Friday. We talk about unexpected consonant spelling.


Spelling List:

itch                wreck                        knee               patch             wrap              knot      watch                     knife              stretch          write              knew              knock

match                       wrong


Challenge word: wrinkle


Star of the week: Kaya

Next week: Will S.


Have a wonderful week!




Erin Meland