Newsletter for the week of March 30-April 3



March 30, 2015


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Holy Week has arrived!

  • Thursday we will meet with our Faith Families to celebrate Holy Thursday together.
  • This is the last week to bring in items for our Lenten Service. Pick and choose the options that work for your family at this time. Items need to be in by Thursday when we meet in the Church to celebrate this service. Father John will bless the gifts we are donating to Baby Corner, Uganda and St. Martin DePorres.
    • UGANDA COLLECTION: Throughout Lent, on any day, we will be collecting money for Uganda. We encourage you to find ways for your child to earn this money through chores or good works so that they feel responsible for their donations.
    • CHIEF SEATTLE CLUB: The 3rd grade is collecting gently used or new adult coats to donate to Chief Seattle Club, a organization that specializes in assisting Native Americans.
    • CANNED FOOD COLLECTION: As a school we will be contributing to the HRS food pantry.
  • Friday is a NOON DISMISSAL. At 10:30 we participate in Good Friday Mass and celebrate the Living Stations of the Cross. You are welcome to join us. Students will be dismissing in silence at noon. Thank you for picking up your students in silence at this time.


Thursday and Friday are both perfect uniform days.


Passion Books: Students are excited to share their Passion Books with the first and kindergarten students this week and we have learned a lot through this project about Jesus’ life and death. Students will bring these home on Friday to share with you over Easter! Please complete the attached reflection and return to school by Tuesday, April 14th.


Class Pictures: Our class picture will be Tuesday, April 14th. A form will come home with your child tonight. If you would like to get individual pictures, you can pick up the form in the office.


Report Card Envelopes: Please sign and return report card envelopes by Friday.



This week we will be learning:


Language Arts: Students learn about conservation and complete a project related to the book, The Lorax.


Social Studies: Students will take the Southeast region state test on on Thursday, April 16th. A study guide will come home with them this week.


Math: Students take the 9s test today. We introduce the 11 facts today. Students will be tested on the 11 facts on Monday, April 20th.


We continue to learn about different types of graphs and how to interpret data. Students will make their own survey question, complete the survey and graph the information.


Reading: We read a story called, The Foot race Across America. This is a true story about Andy Payne, a young man who loved running and runs the International Trans-Continental Foot Race.


Religion: We put together our Passion story eggs to help tell the Passion story. Students will practice with each other to get ready to share the Passion story with kindergarten and first graders this week.


Spelling: The spelling homework is due on Thursday and the test will be on Friday.


coming          swimming   dropping       tapping         taping                       invited           saving started                  planned                    changing                  joking                        loved       gripped               tasted


Challeng word: freezing


This Week’s Star: Charlotte



Have a great week!




Erin Meland





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