Newsletter for the week of March 23-27

March 23, 2015


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,



Math Fact: A reminder that in the math section of your child’s filer is a sheet that indicates whether he passed his multiplication and division tests. Please review this with him every week (it will be updated the day after they take their test).


Report Cards: Report Cards are coming home on Friday. Please remember to turn in any missing library books or pay fines so that your child can receive his or her report card!


Going Away Gift for Father John: The school staff and students are planning a going away gift for Father John. We are asking that each student bring in a dollar as a contribution towards the gift. Please have your student(s) bring it to school by March 27. Thank you.




It is time to sign up for the annual Bingo Bash with the Teachers! Flyers have been sent home with your child. For those of you whose children have never attended, it’s a very fun night for the kids to spend with their classmates and teachers playing bingo, eating pizza and winning prizes! It is our faculty auction donation and always raises lots of money for our wonderful school. Parents drop the children off at the gym at 6:00 pm on Friday, April. 17th and pick them up at 8:00, so it allows you time to have some fun yourselves while the kids are here at school! Your child will definitely want to be part of the fun 😉 Send all completed forms back with your child or drop them at the office. THANK YOU!!!!


Items Needed:

  • By Monday, March 30th each student needs to bring in an egg carton (one dozen) and 12 normal, plastic eggs. These will be used with our Passion Book project.   If you have any extra eggs cartons that we can use, please send them in as well.



Lenten Service: The six weeks of Lent give us ample time and opportunity for service outreach. Pick and choose the activities that work for your family.

For the collections, all items need to be in by Holy Thursday, April 2nd.

Here are the opportunities:


  • UGANDA COLLECTION: Throughout Lent, on any day, we will be collecting money for Uganda. We encourage you to find ways for your child to earn this money through chores or good works so that they feel responsible for their donations.
  • CHIEF SEATTLE CLUB: The 3rd grade is collecting gently used or new adult coats to donate to Chief Seattle Club, a organization that specializes in assisting Native Americans.
  • CANNED FOOD COLLECTION: As a school we will be contributing to the HRS food pantry.
  • BROWN BAG FRIDAYS FOR ST. MARTIN de PORRES SHELTER: Every year, as part of our Lenten Outreach, Holy Rosary School has provided lunches to the men at St. Martin de Porres shelter. Students are asked to bring a lunch or two and a toiletry item on designated Fridays during Lent. These lunches can be kept cold, so perishable food is fine. Please keep the toiletry items separate from the lunches. If you are interested in driving a few students to deliver the lunches one Friday in Lent, please contact Jennifer Hazzard in the school office.
    • March 27 – travel size toothpaste and disposable toothbrush (singles)


Spanish Quiz: There will be a Spanish quiz this Friday, March 27th. It will cover house vocabulary. Please see the Spanish website for more information and a study sheet.



Auction Theme Dress DayThis Friday (March 27th) is 50’s themed day to get ready for the auction!


This week we will be:


Reading: We read Life on the Ice, an informational text about the coldest places on Earth. Our target skill is main ideas and details. We also focus on literal and non literal meanings.


Language Arts: Students continue to work on summarizing Jesus’ life through Passion Books. We finish summarizing the Passion stories this week. Students will then share them with kindergarten and first graders next week.


Religion: We prepare to receive the sacrament of reconciliation on Friday.


Social Studies: We learn our next section of states in our GeoJourney. Students also finish and share their totem pole stories.


Science: Students learn about 4 major types of clouds


Math: Students take the 8s test today and learn the 9 facts.   We finished our chapter on measurement and took the test last Thursday. The test will come home this week.


We begin chapter 12: Represent and Interpret Data and focus on the question- How do we obtain useful information from a set of data?


Spelling: Homework is due Thursday and test is Friday.


Spelling Words:


birthday       anyone          sometimes    everything homework   afternoon

airplane        grandmother         something    without        himself          faraway        sunburned  daylight


challenge word: scorekeeper


Star of the Week: Nina

Next week: Charlotte


Have a good week!




Erin Meland


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