Newsletter for the week of Feb. 24-28

                                                                      February 24, 2014



Dear Third Grade Parents,


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!




Bingo Bash:  This year’s extravaganza is fast approaching!  The Bash is early this year, this Friday, February 28th!  The night includes 10 full rounds of bingo in Lanigan Gym with a variety of terrific prizes for the winners. A BIG MONEY PRIZE will be awarded for the black-out game at night’s end. $25 per student.  Hope to see your child there!


Multiplication Fact Tests:  This week we learn the pattern for the 10’s facts.  The test is next Monday.


Apostle’s Creed:  Continue to practice this prayer at home.  Students need to commit it to memory and recite to me by Thursday, February 27th.


Native American Project:  Students should be working on their visual aid this week.  All research materials and notes they have taken will come home on Friday so that students can use them to prepare for their oral presentation.


This week we are:


Reading:  Reading: We begin reading out next novel: Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  The students will learn about the author, Beverly Cleary, and read and discuss the first chapter.


Math: We begin a new chapter on Measurement.  Students will measure volume and capacity this week.  The fraction assessment is coming home tomorrow.  Please review this with your child.


Religion: Students continue to study the components of Lent: prayer, fasting and almsgiving through Journey With Jesus.


Language Arts: Students draft and edit their food paragraphs this week.


Social Studies: Students create Totem Polse and write a story to go along with them.


Science: We will learn about the 3rd stage of the water cycle:  Precipitation and the various forms of precipitation we see.


Spelling:  Assignment due Thursday.  Test is on Friday.


Spelling  Words for February 27-March 3

pair          hair          fair           tired         stairs         stereo

America             rear          near          year          fear          clear

cheer        steer


Challenge: pharmacy


Assignment:  On a lined piece of paper please print your spelling words (you may do this in cursive for additional challenge).  Write the consonants in one color and the vowels in another.  Be sure to include your heading and use your best handwriting.


This week’s star: Eleanor

Next week’s star:  Mate


I hope you all have a great week!




Erin Meland