Newsletter for the week of Sept. 6-9


Dear 3B Families,


Welcome to our second week of school!! It was so nice to see you all at Back to School Night. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with your wonderful children!! Thank you for taking the time to read the newsletter each week. I will list reminders and planned activities. Don’t forget, you can find the newsletter on the Holy Rosary School website.


Magazine Drive:

Get ready to show your TRUE COLORS, Gators!

For this year’s magazine drive, we’re going full color. Each grade has been assigned a hue for the grade-level competition. On Friday, September 9th, we’ll be having our magazine drive kick-off assembly and we would love to see each grade wearing their colors to show spirit and get excited about selling those magazines.  Proudly wear your grade’s color and represent. Looking forward to a very high energy, colorful assembly for this important fundraiser!


Third grade’s color is ORANGE


Weekly Newsletter:

This will be the LAST week that I send home a hardcopy of the newsletter. From now on I will only send it via email and post it on the website. If your family needs a hardcopy every week, please let me know.


Volunteer Opportunity:

I would love to have a parent come in and monitor students on Fridays during lunch (12:25-12:45). During this time I have the chance to meet with Ms. Corrigan and Mrs. Helling to plan reading for the week. Responsibilities include: Monitoring students as they eat their lunch, reading to students, overseeing clean-up, and dismissing students for lunch recess. Let me know if you are available and interested in coming in and helping at this time on Fridays. Once I have a list of parents that would like to volunteer, I can create a schedule. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support!


If you can’t do Fridays, there will be other opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom throughout the year.


Reading logs:

Reading logs will come home today and these will be due on Tuesday, October 4th. Until then, students may keep the reading log in their filer (in the homework section or filed in the reading section). Students will keep track of their reading by putting a star of the days they read 20 minutes. They will then choose one book to do a short written response on.

Each child writes a nightly reminder in the assignment notebook, but any help you can give in establishing this routine would be appreciated.


Water Bottles:

Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to school filled with water only. They will keep these at their desks and can refill them during our break times. Please do not send their bottles filled with juice, sports drinks, etc. If spilled, they are harder to clean up and make the desks sticky.


Shoes for Fitness and Health:

Our fitness and health days are Tuesday and Wednesday. For their safety, please make sure your child has athletic shoes with laces or velcro. Sandals, slip-ons, boots, and dress shoes will not be allowed and will result in your child sitting out for that class.


Raincoats/jackets: The weather is beginning to change and it is important students bring jackets for recess.


The students are ready to plunge into the curriculum!



This week we will be reading our first story, A Fine, Fine School. We focus on the target skill of story structure. We use text evidence to discuss the setting, characters and plot.



We are starting McGraw-Hill’s My Math this week! Our first chapter covers the concept of place value. Students will be working to answer the question: How can numbers be expressed, ordered and compared? Students will have math homework most nights.


Language Arts:

We discuss sentence structure and the difference between a complete sentence and a fragment. We work on writing sentences with correct punctuation and capitalization. Students will also review basic phonograms and practice manuscript handwriting.



We begin our religion class with a review of the Creation story.



This week’s spelling list is below. Spelling homework was sent home today (it is a double sided sheet) and is due on Thursday. Students can turn it in any time it is completed. Our test will be on Friday.


Spelling words:


crop           plan            thing           smell          shut           sticky            spent               lunch          pumpkin      clock          gift             class        skip             swing         


Challenge word: fantastic      



Have a great week!!




Erin Meland


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