Newsletter for the week of Sept. 12-16

September 12, 2016


Dear third grade families,

The children are adjusting well to third grade. They are getting used to using their assignment notebooks and filers as well as daily homework. I’m impressed with their enthusiasm, organizational skills, and great attitudes! Thank you for your patience in working with them these first weeks back to school. I know how hectic it must be for you as parents, and I think you are doing an amazing job!


Friday: There will be a noon dismisal on Friday because of Westfest set-up and a teacher inservice. Students are encouraged to wear their Westfest shirts on Friday to school, if they don’t have a WestFest shirt they can also wear fall colors.

Magazine orders: We’re moving to 100% online ordering. We’ll still accept cash donations on “tally Tuesdays ($25 = 1 order credit), but there will be no more paper orders. First “tally Tuesday” will be on 9/13. Sell those magazines 3B!! Our goal is to have 100% of 3B participate! If everyone can sell one, we will have a special class reward.

Picture day: Individual picture day is next Tuesday, September 20th. A picture form will be sent home with your child today.

Scholastic Book Orders: I will be sending home scholastic orders today. If your child would like to make a book order, please make sure that these are in to me by next Tuesday, September 20th. Thank you!!

Westfest: Westfest is this weekend (Friday and Saturday)! I hope to see you there.

Filers: In class, students file classwork in the subject sections of their filers. Those papers should remain in the filers until we clear them out in class. We keep papers in the subject sections for referral or completion at a later time. Corrected papers (homework and classwork) sent in the “important papers” file can be taken out and kept at home. Papers that need to be completed or returned to school will be in the homework section.

Relics: On Thursday we will be viting the Relics of St. Faustina and St. Pope John Paul II in the church. We will learn about both of these saints prior to our visit.  Students are  encouraged to touch personal objects of devotion to the reliquary (rosaries, medals, crosses, etc.), as a means of blessing them and making them Third Class relics. If your child has a rosary, holy card or some other devotional object they would like to have blessed when they view the relic they are should bring them on Thursday.

Thanks for helping your child keep his/her filer neat and organized! Thank you, also, for remembering to sign the assignment notebook each night.


Reading: We are reading The Trial of Cardigan Jones. Our target skill this week is drawing conclusions. Students will read the story and will tie story details together to figure out what is going to happen.

Math: Students continue to work on place value. We are half way through this chapter. This week we focus on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and begin to review place value concepts in preparation for the chapter 1 test which will be next Tuesday, September 20th.

A place value game will be coming home on Wednesday for students to play.

Science:  Students explore what technology is and where it is found in the world.

Social studies: Last week, students were given their GeoJourney (used for learning the states) and learned the first section of states. These books need to be kept in their social studies section of their filers. We being our study of geography and learn the continents and oceans.

Digital Citizenship: Last week we learned about our digital footprint and how you have to THINK before posting. This week, we learn specific strategies to stay safe online. We also begin posting on our class instagram account as a group!
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Religion: Chapter 1 – We will talk about the Creation Story

Children will be able to

–       describe how we see the beauty and goodness of God within creation,

–       understand that all people are made in the image and likeness of God, and

–       understand that God creates freely and out of love.

Language Arts: We talk about and write different kinds of sentences (declarative, exclamation, and questions). Students complete a writing activity where they choose any animal for a pet and describe the pet in detail. We focus on using good word choice and descritpive adjectives when describing their pets.

Spelling: Spelling homework is due on Thursday. Our test will be on Friday. The spelling pattern this week is VCe.

spoke              mile               save               excuse                       cone               invite                 cube          price              erase              ripe                broke                        flame

life                  rule

Challenge word: surprise

This week’s star: Griffin

Next week star: Mia

 Have a good week!


Erin Meland

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