Newsletter for the week of Sept. 26-30

September 26, 2016

Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Lunches of Love: 3rd grade will be donating Lunches of Love in the month of October. We will have two turn in days, Friday, October 7th and Friday, October 21st. Your donation is very appreciated.

Here is some more information about Lunches of Love:

Thank you for making and providing a lunch for someone in need.

The items in the bag must be all NON-PERISHABLE.  (No fresh fruit or sandwiches)

Can of tuna/chicken/salmon (pull-top only!) or Vienna sausages (pull-top only!) Snack packs work great!

NO soups.

Ideas for lunches:

protein bar

fruit cup

juice box

chips – prepackaged

cookies – prepackaged


spoon (if not included with the non-perishable item)


Uganda Money: It is that time again for each student to bring in their monthly $1.00 to support our Ugandan students in their schooling. Only one dollar a month does so much!  Thank you for your generosity.

Math Game: There will be no math homework on Wednesday or Thursday night this week. Instead a math game is coming home to practice multiplication. Students should play it twice and turn in the work that accompanies it by next Monday.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit: Students have been reciting The Prayer to the Holy Spirit. This prayer will need to be memorized by Friday, November 4th. Your child can also recite the prayer to me before this date, if they are ready. They can recite the prayer to me before school, after school or at recess.



Math: We continue to work on chapter 4-understanding multiplication. Students are learning that multiplication is repeated addition.

The math assessment from chapter 1 is coming home with your child tonight. Please review this with your child. Thank you!

Reading: We begin reading our first novel as a class this week. We read The Boxcar Children #1. We will focus on the skills of sequencing, character analysis, and setting. Students will practice oral reading skills through echo reading, partner reading and a reader’s theater approach. This is a fun story and one of which I’m sure most students will enjoy!

Social Studies: We continue to work on our Geography lapbooks. This week we focus on landforms and the different bodies of water.

Science: We begin our unit on inherited traits and learned behaviors.

Language Arts: We begin a persuasive writing unit. Students will learn how to state an opinion based on information gathered and how to organize an essay in a clear way that makes sense to the reader. This week, students begin gathering information about what makes a cat or dog a better pet.

Religion: In the next two weeks, 3rd Graders will continue to learn about Church Community. We will talk about the Eucharist. We will also discuss about Church leaders. Students will also learn and start praying the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Spelling: The spelling homework is due on Thursday and the test will also be on Thursday. Our pattern this week is long O.

Spelling words:


load          opening           told             yellow          soak           shadow   foam          follow           glow              sold               window       coach      almost        throat


Challenge word: tomorrow


This week’s star: Luke P

Next week’s star: Izzy


Have a great week!



Erin Meland

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