Newsletter for the week of March 24-28

March 24, 2014


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


ITBS Testing:  The third grade will be taking the ITBS during the first two weeks of April.  Please do not schedule any appointments during those two weeks (March 31-April 9).  It is important for the students to be at school to take the tests. Here are some helpful tips:

    * Plan ahead for a peaceful, unhurried evening and morning before the test.

    * Make sure your child sleeps well, eats a healthy breakfast, brings a healthy snack, and gets enough water to drink.

    * Be on time for school.

    * Give an honest effort; take pride in yourself and DO YOUR BEST.

    * Never leave an answer blank!


Math Fact Update: A reminder that in the assignment notebook section of your child’s filer is a sheet that indicates whether he passed his multiplication and division tests.  Please review this with him every week (it will be updated the day after they take their test).


Morning Lenten Mass:  On Thursday, March 27th and Thursday, April 3rd at 7:45am, we have the opportunity to attend morning Mass as a class.  This is a time for us to pause before the day begins to reflect on the Lenten season and take time to be with God. Students are welcome to sit with me or with their families.  Mass begins at 7:45, please do not enter if it has already begun.


Lenten Service:   The six weeks of Lent give us ample time and opportunity for service outreach. Pick and choose the activities that work for your family.

For the collections, all items need to be in by Holy Thursday, April 17th.

Here are the opportunities:


  • UGANDA COLLECTION:  Throughout Lent, on any day, we will be collecting money for Uganda.  We encourage you to find ways for your child to earn this money through chores or good works so that they feel responsible for their donations.
  • DIAPER COLLECTION:  We will also be collecting diapers for Baby Corner throughout Lent.  Again, try having your child earn money to purchase diapers to donate.
  • CANNED FOOD COLLECTION:  As a school we will be contributing to the HRS food pantry.
  • BROWN BAG FRIDAYS FOR ST. MARTIN de PORRES SHELTER: Every year, as part of our Lenten Outreach, Holy Rosary School has provided lunches to the men at St. Martin de Porres shelter. Students are asked to bring a lunch or two and a toiletry item on designated Fridays during Lent. These lunches can be kept cold, so perishable food is fine.  Please keep the toiletry items separate from the lunches.  If you are interested in driving a few students to deliver the lunches one Friday in Lent, please contact Jennifer Hazzard in the school office.
    • March 28:  Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste
    • April 11:  Men’s socks


Report Cards:  Report Cards are coming home on Friday.  Please remember to turn in any missing library books or pay fines so that your child can receive his or her report card!




This week we will be:


Reading: We read chapter 6 and 7 of Ramona Quimby.  Students focus on character analysis using text evidence to support their claims.  They continue to work with challenging vocabulary by identifying synonyms and antonyms.


Language Arts: Students continue to work on summarizing Jesus’ life through Passion Books.  This week they independently retell Jesus is Arrested, Jesus is Given a Crown of Thorns, and  The Way of the Cross/Veronica Wipes Jesus’ Face.


Religion:  We prepare to receive the sacrament of reconciliation next Monday.


Social Studies: We begin learning about immigration.  Students learn the next section in their Geo Journey, the South East region.  They will be assessed on this the following Tuesday, April 1st 


Science:  Students will examine similarities and differences between living and non-living things around the playground with graphic organizers on their iPads.

Math:  Student work on elapsed time this week.


Spelling: Homework is due Thursday and test is Friday.


Spelling Words:


almost     also        though      thought       April    immigrant   flour   flower   emerge     independent     learned  butterfly   sunshine    country


challenge: ancestor


Assignment:  Write each word in a “silly sentence” using alliteration.  For example:

almost:  An ant almost ate a whole apple!


Star of the Week:  Aidan

Next week:  Ryder


Have a good week!




Erin Meland