Newsletter for the week of Feb. 2-6

February 2, 2015


Dear Third Grade Families,


I hope everyone had a great weekend!




Mid Tri Reports: Mid-Trimester progress reports will be coming home this Friday, February 6th. Please review this with your child. These do not need to be returned to school.


Adoration: This Friday we will be participating as a class in Adoration. Students will learn about Adoration and we will spend 10-15 minutes in the church in quiet prayer and reflection. We are hoping to do this once a month for the remainder of the year. I encourage you to follow up with at home this weekend and ask them how their experience with Adoration was and share your own experiences with it.


Classroom Help: I am looking for some help in the classroom with the Native American project.  It is nice to have another adult(s) in the room to help with researching and editing with the kids.  Here are some dates and times that we will be working on the project:


            Tuesday, February 10th from 9:30-10:10

            Wednesday, February 11th from 1:30-2:05

            Thursday, February 19th from 2:05-2:50

            Tuesday, February 24th from 9:30-10:10

            Wednesday, February 25th from 1:30-2:05

            Thursday, February 26th from 2:05-2:50

            Tuesday, March 3rd from 9:35-10:10

            Wednesday, March 4th from 1:30-2:05

            Thursday, March 5th from 2:05-2:50



If you are able to help with one of these times or multiple times, let me know. I will post more times in future newsletters if I need help. Thank you for all you do!


Reading Log: The February reading log came out today and will be due on Monday, March 2nd.



Valentine’s Day Celebration, Feb. 12th: Students are invited to exchange valentines with their classmates. If your child chooses to bring in valentine cards, I ask that they bring one for each student in 3B (24 students). We will be having a Valentine’s celebration from 11:00-12:00 on Thursday, Feb. 12th. Students are invited to dress in Valentine’s colors (white, red, pink, or purple) on this day as well!


Valentine Boxes: I am asking each student to decorate and bring in a “Valentine Box” or “Valentine Bag” to store the valentines they receive. A shoebox decorated with hearts or wrapping paper would be great–remember to leave a slot for the cards to be delivered! A bag decorated with stickers, doilies, etc. would be terrific, too. These should be decorated at home and brought into school anytime before Thursday, February 12th. Please be sure your child remembers to put his/her name on their box/bag.


Apostle’s Creed: We will recite this prayer daily and students should practice it at home as well. They have a copy in the religion section of their filer that can remain at home. They need to have this committed to memory by February 27th and recite it to me for assessment on or anytime before that date.


This week we will be learning about:


Reading: We read the story, Kamishabai Man. We focus on how the mood changes throughout the story. We also focus on the target skill of cause and effect.


Math: Students took the 3s fact tests today. They were introduced to the 4s and will be tested on them next Monday. We continue our study of fractions as well. This week we learn about fractions as a whole and learn how to compare fractions. Students will be taking an assessment on fractions next week.


Religion: We will wrap up our discussion on the Apostles’ Creed and learn about the Book of Acts

Language Art: This week students will be taking notes for their shelter paragraphs. They develop creative topic and conclusion sentences and begin writing their shelter draft.


Social Studies: We learn about the Northwest Native American tribes.


Science: We finish our experiment on condensation and precipitations. We learn about weather mapping.


Spelling: Assignment is due Thursday and our test is on Friday. The pattern this week is R controlled phonograms.


This week’s spelling list:


nurse                        work              shirt              hurt               first                word

serve             curly             dirt                third              worry                       turn

stir                 firm


challenge word: perfect



This week’s star: Jake

Next week: none


Have a wonderful week!




Erin Meland



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