Newsletter for the week of Feb. 3-7

February 3, 2014


Dear Third Grade Families,


I hope everyone had a great weekend!




Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th: Students are invited to exchange valentines with their classmates. If your child chooses to bring in valentine cards, I ask that they bring one for each student in 3B (28 students).


We will be having a Valentine’s celebration from 10:30-11:30.  Students are invited to dress in Valentine’s colors (white, red, pink, or purple) on this day as well!


Valentine Boxes: I am asking each student to decorate and bring in a “Valentine Box” or “Valentine Bag” to store the valentines they receive. A shoebox decorated with hearts or wrapping paper would be great–remember to leave a slot for the cards to be delivered! A bag decorated with stickers, doilies, etc. would be terrific, too. These should be decorated at home and brought into school anytime by February 14th. Please be sure your child remembers to put his/her name on their box/bag.


February Birthdays:  If your child has a February birthday please have them bring in a picture for the birthday bulletin board.  Thank you!



Spanish quiz: The third grade will be having a test this Friday. It will cover weather expressions, clothing and family member vocabulary.  There is a study guide on the Spanish web page.


This week we will be learning about:


Reading: We read Guys from Space and discuss the difference between realistic stories and fantasy stories. 


Math:Students begin memorizing their multiplication and division facts this week.  A letter will be sent home tomorrow explaining the multiplication/division plan.  We begin with our 2s facts tomorrow.  For students to succeed, it is crucial that they practice their facts daily at home.

Students continue to learn about fractions as well.


Religion: We will wrap up our discussion on the Apostles’ Creed and learn about the Book of Acts


Language Art:   Students continue to learn how to take effective notes.  This week we are focusing on our shelter paragraph- taking notes, organizing our information, putting that information into complete sentences, and finally, putting those sentences together to make a paragraph. We review that a good paragraph has a topic sentence, good supporting details, and a closing sentence.


Social Studies: We learn about the Northwest Native American tribes.


Science:We learn about and do an experiment with evaporation.


Spelling:  Assignment is due Thursday and our test is on Friday.


This week’s spelling list

myself      usually          knife      knee       except       especially

really      probably       about    cycle      accept       Apostles

temperature   envelope

Challenge: multiplication


Assignment:  Fraction Words- Students create a table with their words and the fraction of the letters in each word that are consonants and vowels.


Spelling Word








This week’s star:  Malia

Next week:  Odessa


Have a wonderful week!




Erin Meland