Welcome Letter

August 11, 2015


Welcome to 3rd Grade!!



Hello! My name is Mrs. Meland and I will be your third grade teacher this year. Your classroom is 3B. This is my eighth year at Holy Rosary. I have had a blast teaching at Holy Rosary and have learned a lot! I know this year will be fantastic! I absolutely love teaching third grade and am excited to share it with you. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Holy Rosary staff and love how supportive the entire community is. Most of all, I am thrilled to meet and learn more about you! I am so excited to be your teacher and I know we will have a wonderful year together!


There are many new and exciting things that you will learn this year. Multiplication, division, and cursive are just some of the fun skills you will learn. You will also find out how to use a filer so you can keep track of all of your subjects. Third grade will be a very memorable year for you!


On the first day of school we will spend time getting to know one another. I would like you to bring a picture of yourself and an item that will tell us about you. You might want to include a picture of your family, a favorite toy, book, or even a souvenir from your travels. I will bring an item too, so you can learn about me!


I am looking forward to meeting your parents. Let them know that they will receive a letter from me on the first day of school. I hope that you had a fun and adventurous summer. I look forward to our first day of third grade! Let’s make it a great year!





Mrs. Meland


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