Remote Learning for the Week of March 23-27

Hello All,

Welcome to week two of remote learning!  Please continue to communicate with us and let us know if you have questions or suggestions.  Also, remember to checkout all of the specialist webpages for ideas on how to incorporate art, music, Spanish, library PE, etc. into remote learning!

Have a great week.  We miss you all so much!


Friday 3.27– Here are the plans for Friday

Thursday 3.26 -Here are the plans for Thursday

Wednesday 3.25-Here are the plans for Wednesday

Tuesday 3.24-Here are the plans for Tuesday

Monday 3.23– Here are the lessons for Monday

Resources/worksheets for the week:

quiz for tops and bottoms-For FRIDAY-reading quiz

Scholastic News aliens -Scholastic News Close Read Activity

State project #1 and 2Video For THURSDAY social studies lesson

State in box-Research packet for State project (also sent home a few weeks ago)

Lesson 21 Words– Spelling list for the week

9s multiplication -9s multiplication test for testing kids

9s division-9s division test for testing kids

fact practice sheets Ideas and apps -Ideas and apps for studying the multiplication and division facts.  This is for the lesson on Monday but students should be studying their facts for 15 minutes everyday.

9s-12spractice facts sheet -practice fact sheets

elasped time assessment-Math assessment for Wednesday

The Last Supper– For Religion on Wednesday

Apostles Creed -A copy of the Apostles Creed

tops and bottoms summary for reading – this is the summary sheet for the reading story this week (it is also in the manila folder we sent home a few weeks ago)

Something Special -Here are the two writing prompts for Tuesday/Thursday (pick one)

When I Grow up -Here are the two writing prompts for Tuesday/Thursday (pick one)

Culture Grams Information for State Project -For Tuesday social studies

Helpful Apps to download:

Helpful Apps for remote learning -Kids will use these apps throughout the next few weeks

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