Newsletter May 31st-June 3rd



May 31st, 2016


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,



This Friday is our field trip to the Space Needle and Alki! Remember for your child to bring:

  1. A sack lunch
  2. Rain boots or shoes that are ok getting wet
  3. No cameras or money

Special Summer Writing Fun: I love all the response we have received in regard to your children participating in our Summer Fun Pen-Pal Program. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends from 3rd grade and practice writing skills. It’s always a big hit! As a reminder, if your child wants to participate, the form needs to be turned in by THIS Thursday, June 2nd.

50 States Test: Students had their final states test today. The test covered all 50 states and the abbreviations. Good job on all your hard work 3B!!

Reading Vocabulary Quiz: Monday, June 6th. Your child is going to need to match the vocabulary word to the definition and then write some chosen words in a sentence correctly.

Reading Logs: The May reading log was due, today, May 31st. This is the last log of the year! Many children have not turned in their reading log. Please check with your child to make sure they have turned it in. If they have not, please have them do it tonight. Thank you for making sure your child was reading every night to advance their reading skills. Let’s keep it up for the rest of the year and over the summer!

Book Fair: The Annual “Buy One Get One Free” book fair in still being held in the Library until Friday, June 3rd. Come stock up on books for summer!

Summer Math: Continue daily math practice in an exciting way by participating in The HRS Summer Math Challenge. I am sending the flyer and calendars for June, July and August home today with your child. For this activity you may also use iPad apps and Mathletics throughout the summer to accomplish this!

At this time, all library books should be returned. I have specifically told each student who needs to return their books. Please ask your child if they have any extra books checked out.


This week, we will be learning:

Math: This week we are working on chapter 14: Geometry.

Reading: Students will read chapter 8 and 9 in Ramona Quimby, focusing on character traits.

Language Arts: Students will be presenting their iMovies to the class after putting them on youtube. You children did such an amazing job!! Make sure to check out their Book Report trailers, if you haven’t already. The will all be up by Thursday.

Religion: Because we did not have school yesterday and will be on our fieldtrip on Friday, we have no religion this week.

Science:  Students will self-assess their crabitat work using a rubric.  We will also learn about some of the ocean animals we will see on our field trip to Constellation Park.

Hermit Crab Adoption:  We’ve learned a lot and enjoyed having the hermit crabs in class the last month!  It’s time for them to find a permanent home.  If your family would like the chance to adopt a hermit crab, please fill out the permission slip and return it by Friday.  Two students from each class who have turned in their slip will randomly be chosen to adopt a crab!

*You need to have your own habitat, food and items for the crab- I’ll only be providing you with the lovely creature!  See the permission slip for information and crab needs.

Social Studies: Students finish learning about the history of the Space Needle and we are going on our field trip on FRIDAY!! Thank you again to chaperones!!


Have a great week!



Anna Quinn-Shea



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