Newsletter for the week of Sept. 29-Oct. 3


September 29, 2014


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Thank you to everyone who supported the school’s magazine sale.   Let’s hope we reached and passed our goal!! Tomorrow is our last turn-in day. Get those orders in!

 No School Friday: There will be no school on Friday due to an Archdiocesan Teacher In-service day.

Jackets: Please make sure you child is bringing a jacket to school everyday for recess. Thanks!

October Calendar: An October calendar will be coming home tonight. This calendar includes important dates and reminders for the month.

Reading logs: Reading logs will come home on Wednesday and these will be due on Friday, October 31st. Until then, students may keep the reading log in their filer (in the homework section or filed in the reading section). Students will keep track of their reading by putting a star of the days they read 20 minutes. They will then choose one book to do a short character reflection on.

Each child writes a nightly reminder in the assignment notebook, but any help you can give in establishing this routine would be appreciated.

 Lunches of Love: 3rd grade will be donating Lunches of Love in the month of October. We will have two turn in days, Friday, October 10th and Friday, October 24th. Your donation is very appreciated.

Here is some more information about Lunches of Love. 

Thank you for making and providing a lunch for someone in need.

The items in the bag must be all NON-PERISHABLE.  (No fresh fruit or sandwiches)

Can of tuna/chicken/salmon (pull-top only!)   or Vienna sausages (pull-top only!) Snack packs work great!

NO soups.

Ideas for lunches:

protein bar

fruit cup

juice box

chips – prepackaged

cookies – prepackaged


spoon (if not included with the non-perishable item)

 Spanish Quiz: There will be a Spanish quiz on Wednesday, October 15th. The quiz will be on the numbers to100 and telling time.  You can go to Mrs. Myers’ webpage to find the description of the quiz and links to study guides.

This week we will be studying:

 Math: We continue to work on chapter 4-understanding multiplication. Students are learning that multiplication is repeated addition. They will have a quiz on Thursday.

The math assessment from chapter 1 is coming home with your child tonight. Please review this with your child. Thank you!

 Reading: We read the story Pop’s Bridge and focus on the skill of comparing on contrasting. We look at how the characters are similar and different.

Social Studies: Students make Google Earth projects representing their place in their neighborhood, city, state, country and continent.

Science: Students observe the crystals formed by their mock rocks. This was a fun learning experience!

Religion: We will continue to work on our Creation murals.

Writing: Students continue descriptive writing in class as we learn how to include details and “juicy tidbits” in our writing. Students create colorful adjectives. Our grammar focus this week relates to proper and common nouns.

Spelling: The spelling homework is due on Thursday and the test will also be on Thursday. Our pattern this week is long O.


Spelling words:


load                opening         told                 yellow                       soak                shadow   foam                    follow             glow               sold                 window         coach           almost                       throat

Challenge word: tomorrow

This week’s star: Matthew

Next week’s star: Owen

Have a great week!

Erin Meland