Newsletter for the week of Oct. 27-31

October 27, 2014

Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


This is a very busy and fun week for us! Please take a few minutes to read through these reminders. Happy Halloween!

IOWA Testing: We finish up our IOWA testing tomorrow. The kids have worked so hard!

All Saints Day Mass: You are welcome to come and celebrate the All Saints Mass with us Friday, October 31, at 8:45.

Halloween Party: The party will be Friday, October 31 at 2:00 pm. Students may dress in orange and black. Please, no costumes or face paint. Also, remember to send your child with a old shirt that can be “Zombie-fied.”

Veterans’ Day Activity: I will be sending home a star pattern today, if you know a veteran please have your child write their name on the star. If you would like to add branch, division, war, etc. you may do that also. The stars may be colored red, blue, or kept white.   We will put these up and pray for these Veterans throughout the month. Please turn these in by Friday.

Reading logs: Reading Logs for October are due on Friday. The reflection on the back of the calendar needs to be done as well.

This week, we will be:

Reading: We read and learn about owls. We also read and perform several short Halloween plays about bats, spiders, and pumpkins! Students will practice reading aloud in front of the class with excellent expression.

Math: We focus on subtracting with zeros and also focus on problem solving strategies.

Science: Students will design an experiment using the scientific method to test whether the mineral calcite is present in various rock samples.

Social Studies: We read chapter 3 and learn about the physical geography of different parts of the United States. Students finished their “Google Earth” project, feel free to look at these but they need to be kept in their filer for use at school.

Language Arts: Students finish writing Fall poems. We also create sentences and phrases about Halloween using the different parts of speech.

Religion: This week we will wrap up our discussion on Ten Commandments. We will also talk about Saints.

Spelling: The homework is due Thursday and test will be Friday. Our pattern this week is three consonant clusters.


three              scrap              street             spring                        thrill              scream strange throw                  string                        scrape                        spray             threw               strong        scratch


Challenge word: straight


This week’s star: Will McLean

Next week’s star: Kaya

Have a great week!


Erin Meland