Newsletter for the week of May 4-8


May 4, 2015


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


Important Dates Handout: Instead of a May calendar, I will be sending home a sheet tonight (it is pink) with your child that includes important due dates, test dates, etc. Please look this over and let me know if you have any questions.


iMovie Book Report: The written form is due this Wednesday, May 6th. We have discussed this in class. At this point, students should be working on the written form.


Memorare Prayer: Students learned the Memorare prayer two weeks ago. We will are saying it as our daily prayer in the morning. Please practice this with your child. Each child will need to have this memorized and recite it to me on or by Thursday, May 21st. If your child is ready to recite this prayer before May 21st they can recite it to me anytime before or after school or at a recess.


May Child: On Friday, we celebrate Mary as a grade. We will pray the Rosary together in Church. Students need to dress in “Sunday best”, bring a Rosary and a flower.


State in the Box: Items for the State in the box are due Wednesday, May 13th. Students also need to bring in an adult sized shoebox.


Field Trip News: 3rd grade will be going on a FUN and EDUCATIONAL trip to the Space Needle and to visit a Science Naturalist at Constellation Park

            Where: Space Needle/ Alki Beach

When: Thursday, June 4th from 10:00-2:00

Who: 3A and 3B


Thank you to the parents who volunteered to chaperone! We have enough volunteers and I will be sending more information about the field trip as it approaches.


This week, we will be learning:

Math: We continue working through chapter 13 on area and perimeter. Students should continue to practice the multiplication and division facts at home in order to commit them to memory.


Reading: Students read chapter 5 and 6. We focus on analyzing the mood of the chapter using text evidence to support the claims. Students continue to analyze vocabulary using prefixes, suffixes and syllables.


Science: We learn about animals’ adaptations to their ecosystems.


Social Studies: We continue researching out states for the state in the box project.


Language Arts: We work on using quotations correctly in our writing. This is a challenging concept for the students and they are working hard at improving their writing by adding dialogue!


Religion: We learn more about the Rosary and mysteries in preparation for our celebration of Mary this Friday, May 8th.



Star of the week: Matthew

Next week: Elena


Spelling: Homework is due Thursday and the test is on Friday. This week we focus on the suffixes of –less and –ness.


Spelling words:


painless         sickness         sadness          helpless         thankless      kindness hopeless   darkness       fearless          thickness      careless            goodness spotless    softness


Challenge word: eagerness


Have a great week!





Erin Meland





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