Newsletter for the week of March 21st-25th

Newsletter for the week of March 21st-25th


March 21, 2016


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


After finishing up with the first two weeks of teaching your children, I couldn’t be happier! It’s been amazing getting to know each student, as well as you, the parents!


Being the week before Spring Break, there is a lot going on, so please make sure to read all the details.


Lenten Service Outreach Day: Thursday, March 24th at 8:45am, we have the opportunity to attend morning Mass as a school. This is a time for us to pause before the day begins and take time to be with God. We are bringing our donations to the church for a blessing. Parents are welcome!


Faith Families: Thursday, March 24th at 2:10pm.

The students will meet in their Faith Families on Thursday to celebrate the Last Supper.


Auction Buybacks!  A flyer will be sent out to you shortly describing the great project the kids put together for 3rd grade’s Auction Buyback.  Buybacks are available April 2nd during the online auction.


Items Needed:


  • By Wednesday, March 23rdeach student needs to bring in an egg carton (one dozen) and 12 normal, plastic eggs. These will be used with our Passion Book project.   If you have any extra eggs cartons that we can use, please send them in as well. Thank you!


Apostles’ Creed:

The Apostles’ Creed is one of the prayers that 3rd graders are asked to memorize. We have already been practicing it a lot in class.

We will recite this prayer daily and students should practice it at home as well. They have a copy in the religion section of their filer that can remain at home. They need to have this committed to memory by March 24th and recite it to me for assessment on or anytime before that date. 


Lenten Service: The six weeks of Lent give us ample time and opportunity for service outreach. Pick and choose the activities that work for your family.

For the collections, all items need to be in by Holy Thursday, March 24th.

Here are the opportunities:


  • CHIEF SEATTLE CLUB:The 3rd grade is collecting gently used or new adult warm clothing to donate to Chief Seattle Club, a organization that specializes in assisting Native Americans.
  • CANNED FOOD COLLECTION:As a school we will be contributing to the HRS food pantry. Each students should bring a can a food (or more if they would like) to contribute to the pantry.



It is time to sign up for the annual Bingo Bash with the Teachers! Flyers have been sent home with your child. For those of you whose children have never attended, it’s a very fun night for the kids to spend with their classmates and teachers playing bingo, eating pizza and winning prizes! It is our faculty auction donation and always raises lots of money for our wonderful school. Parents drop the children off at the gym at 6:00 pm on Friday, April. 8th and pick them up at 8:00, so it allows you time to have some fun yourselves while the kids are here at school! Your child will definitely want to be part of the fun 😉 Send all completed forms back with your child or drop them at the office. THANK YOU!!!


This week we will be:


Reading: This week we will continue to work on the informational text “A Tree is Growing”. We are focusing on the target skill of “Text and Graphic Features” and identifying important concepts to focus on when reading informational text. Today we created a poem in cursive and will combine it with an art piece that incorporates what they learned about trees and leaves in the informational text.


Math: Students took the 9’s test today. Retakes are tomorrow. I will tell students all the numbers they still need to pass today. PLEASE encourage your students to study/study with them because I do not want anyone to continue to be behind. This week we are taking a break from facts because we do not have school next week, so this is the perfect week to catch up! J This week we are working on problem solving, reviewing the chapter, and having the chapter assessment THURSDAY.


Language Arts: We will continue our new unit in language arts this week. Throughout Lent and Easter season, students will be writing and illustrating their own book on The Passion Story. After Easter, they will present these booklets to the Kindergarteners and First graders. Students work on their summarization skills. This is a wonderful project that the students seem to be enjoying!


Science:  This week they are going to continue working on designing a prosthetic arm using the engineering design process.


Social StudiesStudents are learning the history of totem poles and have read a totem pole story. Last week they finished an outline of their own stories on a graphic organizer and this week the students will continue to write their own totem pole stories.


Spelling homework is due Thursday and the test will be on Friday.


coming     swimming        dropping           tapping              taping       invited     saving       stared       planned

changing       joking          loved        gripped    tasted


Review: making       stopped

Challenge words: freezing        scared


This week’s star: No start of the week since it is the week before Spring Break


Thank you!



Anna Quinn-Shea


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