Newsletter for the week of March 13-17

March 13, 2017

Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,

The students did an amazing job on their presentations and projects last week! I’m so proud of all their hard work and it’s amazing to see how much progress we’ve made this year. Thank you for your support with these projects!




Special Native American Event: We have a very special event this Thursday the 16th. The “Of Cedar and Salmon” program will be set up in the School Hall all day just for the 3rd and 4th grade students. This multi-media, multi-cultural, hands-on educational program is designed to teach students about the native art and culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast. This program supports and supplements the 3rd and 4th grade studies of Native People and cultures. Parents are welcome to come at any point during the day to check out the displays and program.


St. Patrick’s Day: We do have Mass at 8:45. Students can wear green, but it must be church appropriate- no face paint, hats, green hair, etc. The goal is to stay as church appropriate as possible, while still enjoying the spirit of the day.

Report Cards: Report Cards are coming home on Friday. Please remember to turn in any missing library books or pay fines so that your child can receive his or her report card! In the report card envelope, there will also be two reflections to complete (one SLE reflection and one 3B reflection). Please return these by Friday, March 24th. Thank you for taking the time to fill these out!


PE Homework: Last week students brought home PE homework where they had to fill out a chart of activities they do. This is due tomorrow.



Every year, as part of our Lenten Outreach, Holy Rosary School has provided lunches to the men at St. Martin de Porres shelter. Students are asked to bring a lunch or two and a toiletry item on designated Fridays during Lent.

These lunches can be kept cold, so perishable food is fine.


**Please keep the toiletry items separate from the lunches:

– March 17 – Men’s gloves

– March 24 – travel size toothpaste and disposable toothbrush (singles)

– March 31 – men’s socks

– April 7 – disposable razors/shaving cream (sample size)


For 3rd Grade we are collecting the following:

*Money for Uganda- Throughout Lent we will be collecting money for Uganda. We encourage you to find ways for your child to earn   this money through chores or good works so that they feel responsible for their donations. Every dollar helps!

*CHIEF SEATTLE CLUB: The 3rd grade is collecting gently used or new adult warm clothing to donate to Chief Seattle Club, an organization that specializes in assisting Native Americans.

*CANNED FOOD COLLECTION: As a school we will be contributing to the HRS food pantry. Each student should bring a can a food to contribute to the pantry


This week we will be:

Reading: We continue to read The Journey-Stories of Migration. This week we read short stories about other animals that like the Monarch butterflies. Students will also illustrate their own butterfly and label it with Spanish words.

Math: Students took the 8s test today. There will be no new fact this week, which means it is a good week to review and get caught up on previous facts. We continue to work on measurement chapter. This week we focus on problem solving and telling time to the minute.

Language Arts: We begin a new unit in language arts this week. Throughout Lent and Easter season, students will be writing and illustrating their own book on The Passion Story. Later on, they will present these booklets to the Kindergarteners and First graders. Students work on their summarization skills. This is a wonderful project that the students are very excited about doing.


Science: Students experiment with the properties of magnets.  They learn that opposite poles attract and like poles repel.  They determine the location of the poles on four types of magnets:  bar, disc, ring and strip.


Social Studies: Students finish making their totem poles and begin a unit on Economy.

Spelling: Homework is due Thursday and the test will be on Friday. This week we focus on the suffixes –ed and –ing.

coming          swimming   dropping       tapping         taping           invited

saving                       stared                        planned        changing      joking                        loved

gripped         tasted

challenge word: freezing

This week’s star: Felix                      
Next week’s star: Kaitlin


Erin Meland

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