Newsletter for the week of Jan. 19-22

January 19, 2016


Dear Third Grade Parents and Students,


3B is leading the Prayer Service this Friday, January 22nd at 8:30 am in the school hall. Please join us if you can!


Classroom Help: I am looking for some help in the classroom with the Native American project.  It is nice to have another adult(s) in the room to help with researching and editing with the kids.  Here are some dates and times that we will be working on the project:


            Tuesday, January 19th from 9:30-10:10

            Wednesday, January 20th from 1:30-2:05

            Tuesday, January 26th from 9:30-10:10

            Wednesday, January 27th from 1:30-2:05- Krista Zeissel

            Thursday, January 28th from 1:20-2:00

            Tuesday, February 2nd from 9:30-10:10

            Thursday, February 4th from 1:20-2:05

Tuesday, February 9th from 9:30-10:10

            Wednesday, February 10th from 1:30-2:05- Krista Zeissel

            Thursday, February 18th from 1:20-2:05


So far I have only had one volunteer so please let me know if you are available to help.


Service Project-Items Needed: During Catholic Schools Week for our service day (Tuesday) we are completing a service project with our 7th grade buddies.  Together we will make lunches for the homeless men at St. Martin de Porres.  We are collecting items needed to make these lunches and will put them together at school and deliver them to the shelter.  More information about this and how you can help will be coming out later this week.


Math: We take our 5s test today. We also learn our 10s facts this week. If your child doesn’t pass a fact test make sure you keep reviewing it with him or her so that he or she gets it the next time. Our make-up day is on Tuesdays during morning recess.  Each student has a green sheet in the math section of their filer where they keep track of the facts they passed. Please review this sheet with your child each week.


We continue in chapter 10 on fractions. This week we learn about equivalent fractions.


Reading: We read Roberto Clemente. While we read we will look for examples of cause and effect in the story.



We get ready for a prayer service that is on Friday.


Social Studies: Students have been studying the ideas and practices behind Pacific Northwest Native American animal (Totem) artwork.   Each student chose an animal to draw. They focus on adding symmetry to their work and filling up empty spaces with traditional shapes.


Science: Students carry out their design from last week and create their Maglev Transportation System (vehicle that travels using magnets).  As they do this, they also re-design keeping track of what problems they have and how they are fixing those problems.


Language Arts: Student finish taking notes on their tribes shelter and begin drafting their first paragraph. We focus on writing catchy topic and ending sentences.


Spelling: Spelling homework is due on Thursday and the test will be on Friday. The pattern this week is vowel + /r/ sound in nurse.


nurse                        work              shirt              hurt               first                word

serve             curly             dirt                third              worry                       turn

stir                 firm


Challenge word: perfect



This week’s star: Oscar

Next week: Ollie


Have a great week!!





Erin Meland


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