Newsletter for the week of April 20-24

April 20, 2015


Dear Third Grade Parents and students,




This Saturday is our HEART Auction-Rock Around the Clock


Friday is a half-day for Auction set-up.

Memorare Prayer: Students are learning a new prayer, the Memorare. We will begin saying it as our daily prayer in the morning. A copy of this prayer will be sent home this week. Please practice this with your child. Each child will need to have this memorized and recite it to me on or by Thursday, May 21st. If your child is ready to recite this prayer before May 21st, they can recite it to me anytime before or after school or at a recess.


iMovie Book Report: Each student will choose a book from this month’s reading log on which to prepare an iMovie book report. Information will be sent home today, please look for it in your child’s filer (it is yellow). The written part will be due May 6th. Students will create the iMovie trailer in class. You can view some trailers from last year here: This is a fun and engaging report!



This week, we will be learning:


Reading: We continue reading Ramona Quimby. This week we finish chapter 2 and read chapter 3. We are focusing on prefixes and suffixes with the vocabulary words. We also do analyze characters using attribute webs.


Language Arts: We continue our study of poetry. Students wrote acrostic poems last week and these will come home with them today. This week we work on limericks and rhyming.


Math: Students took the 11’s test. Today students learn their 12’s facts. Please check the sheet in your child’s folder to make sure he or she is up to date with all of his facts. We finish up chapter 12 on data interpretation.


Religion: We learn the Memorare Prayer and study the Book of Acts.


Science: Students compare and contrast food chains and food webs.


Social Studies: Students learn about supply and demand. They will be given different scenarios and will have to say what will happen to the supply and demand in each.


Spelling: Homework is due on Thursday and the test will be on Friday.


singer                        loudly                        joyful             teacher                     fighter                       closely powerful     farmer          quickly            careful          friendly        speaker

wonderful    truly

Challenge word: listener



Star of the Week: Daniel

Next Week: Grace


Have a great week!



Erin Meland


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