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Dear 3B Families,

Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a nice Christmas break with your families.


Native American Project:

Today, a packet explaining the Native American Project will be sent home with your child (yellow). Please go over this packet with him or her and return the signed portion by the end of the week. In it you will find an explanation of the written, visual and oral aspects of the project, a timeline, rubric and guidelines for how to support your child with this project.

The first deadline is January 17th – Students need to choose a tribe to study and bring kid- friendly books on the tribe to school. (See the packet for information on appropriate research materials. These books will remain at school until all research is completed. If you would like to preview the books with your child and help them tab the FOOD, CLOTHING, and SHELTER pages at home that is very helpful, just bring them in by the 17th.

Multiplication/Division Facts:
Students will begin memorizing their multiplication and division facts this week. A letter is coming home tonight with more details and should be signed and returned to school by the end of the week. Even if students struggled with timed tests last year, it is amazing what a difference a year can make developmentally in memorization and study skills. Most students succeed when they study a little bit each night and are prepared! We will be multiplication/ division NINJAS this year and I know the kids will all earn a black belt by the end of the year.

Items Needed:

Any small, thin plastic tubs similar to ones berries or veggies come in, toilet paper rolls, and small, empty tissue boxes (square/cube style) to use in our upcoming science unit.

Reading Log:
The December reading log needs to be turned in by Wednesday. I will hand out the January reading logs today. These will be due Friday, Feb. 1st.


Reading: This week we will read “Roberto Clemente.” Our target skill is cause and effect. Students will create a graphic organizer detailing different cause and effect events from the story.

Math: Students begin memorizing their multiplication and division facts this week. We begin with our 0 and 1 facts today (mixed). For students to succeed, it is crucial that they practice their facts daily at home. We will also begin Chapter 10: Fractions this week students will learn what a fraction is.

Religion: This week we will talk about Jesus as the Good News of God’s Kingdom and his saving love (Chapter 7). Students will define the word “Gospel,” name the four Gospels, and describe ways to tell the Good News to others.

Language Arts: Students will begin learning how to take notes in preparation for the Native American project.

Spelling: The spelling homework is due Thursday and the test will be on Friday. This week we work with homophones.

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Challenge Words: piece, peace

No star this week
Star next week: Ella E.

Have a great week!


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