December 17, 2018

Dear 3B Families,

This is the third week of Advent. During the third week in Advent, we spend time thinking about joy.

From Psalm 5:11, we hear these words,

“But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;

let them ever sing for joy.

Spread your protection over them,

so that those who love your name may exult in you.”

Two purple candles and one pink candle are lit.

Prayer: Too often, we think joy is something big, O God. A brass band or a parade can certainly bring us joy. Just as easily and far more often, we can feel joy in a hug or the squeeze of hand, we can see joy in a smile or hear it in laughter. Help us to not overlook the simple joys that peak into our lives daily. This week in our Advent journey, open our eyes to the joy that surrounds us. Amen.

How perfect that we embrace joy this week! You’ll see and hear the joy of Christ’s love in our Nativity Play tomorrow, Tuesday at 1:40 pm. It is a very special way for us all to share this Advent joy.


Nativity Play:

We will present our Nativity play on Tuesday. Our performance will be at 1:40 pm in our classroom. If you arrive before then, you can wait in the school hall and I will send down a student to let you know when we are all ready. We will be getting dressed and setting up the room for you! All parents, grandparents and siblings under 5 are invited. Sorry, siblings at Holy Rosary will not be able to attend due to limited space.

Advent Outreach:

The third grade has been asked to support the St. Vincent de Paul ministry in their Advent food drive. We will continue collecting money for our Safeway field trip on Wednesday, and we will use this money to purchase specific food items for the food drive planned by St. Vincent de Paul. Please send in all Safeway money donations by Tuesday.

Field Trip

This Wednesday we go on our field trip to Safeway.  We will leave at 9:50 am and return around 11:00 am.  Please make sure that your child wears good walking shoes and has a jacket.  We will be walking rain or shine.  During this field trip, students will price items that a family might need to purchase for a Christmas meal.  As a grade, we are purchasing items for the food drive planned by St. Vincent de Paul.

Christmas Program:

The annual Christmas Program is Thursday in the church beginning at 6:30 with the school band performance. Following the band, each class will perform. Please see that your child reports to the classroom no earlier than 6:00 p.m. – teacher supervision in the classrooms will not begin until 6:00. If you arrive earlier to get a seat in the church, keep your child with you until 6:00. Students are to wear their “Sunday best” – no jeans, etc. – please consult the handbook for general guidelines.  We are looking forward to this specialist event!


Math: We will continue to work on problem solving with word problems this week.   

Reading:   Students will read “Pop’s Bridge” this week. We will focus on using the text to infer and make predictions. 

Religion: We will focus our discussion and activity on the Nativity event. 3rd graders will also learn about other feasts within the Christmas Season.

Language Arts: Students will finish editing the rough draft and write a final draft of their snow globe writing pieces.

Spelling: No spelling this week.

Have a great week!


Ms. Corrigan (and Mrs. Meland)

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