Dear 3B Families,


Classroom Help: I am looking for some help in the classroom with the Native American project. It is nice to have another adult(s) in the room to help students with researching and editing. Here are some dates and times that we will be working on the project:

Monday, January 28th from 11:25-12:20

Tuesday, January 29th from 8:35-9:20

Tuesday, February 5th from 8:35-9:20

Thursday, February 7th from 11:15-11:40

Monday, February 11th from 11:25-12:20

Tuesday, February 12th from 8:35-9:20

If you are able to help with one of these times or multiple times, please let me know. I will post more times in future newsletters if I need help. Thank you for all you do!


Reading: This week we will read “Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend.” Our target skill is compare and contrast. Students will create a graphic organizer to describe the meaning of the different symbols in the story. We also read about the Trail of Tears and discuss its significance.

Math: We will take our 0s and 1s test today. We will also learn our 2s facts this week. If your child doesn’t pass a fact test, make sure you keep reviewing it with him or her so that he or she gets it the next time. Please remember to check the yellow multiplication and division assessment sheet taped into the front of your child’s planner. Our make-up day is on Thursdays during morning recess.

We will continue in Chapter 10: Fractions this week. We will learn about fractions as part of a whole and fractions on a number line.

Social Studies: Students will study the ideas and practices behind Pacific Northwest Native American animal (Totem) artwork. Each student will chose an animal to draw. They will focus on adding symmetry to their work and filling up empty spaces with traditional shapes.

Science: This week students will continue learning about hermit crabs, specifically what they eat and their body parts. Students will then be introduced to the hermit crab challenge, an opportunity to construct their own crabitats, or habitats for the hermit crabs to explore. Students will have the opportunity to choose various items to complete their design plan, and then they will observe hermit crab behavior and change their crabitat plans accordingly.

Religion: We will focus our discussion and activity on parables. Students will learn about Jesus’ favorite style of telling stories about God as they work on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Language Arts: Students begin taking notes on their tribe’s shelter. We will focus on summarizing information and taking notes in bullet point form.

Spelling: The homework is due Thursday and the test will be on Friday. This week we will work with contractions.

I’d he’s what’s she’s

haven’t aren’t

doesn’t hasn’t

let’s there’s couldn’t he’d

wouldn’t they’re

Challenge Word: we’re

Have a great week! Orysia Earhart


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